They Didn’t Know They Were Going To Pay

You in the mood to search for Demeter??  Mostly known for the harvest, she was also about the cycle of life and death.  By the end of this week, some will be feeling their mortality.

Monday September 16th:  Beto gets into a tv debate.  He promises to take guns. Some moron Legislator threatens him.  Of course we have to drag a local Police Chief into this mess.

Tuesday September 17th:  The Republicans in North Carolina thought they were cute when they overrode a veto while everyone was at a 9/11 ceremony.  Have you had enough of Republicans pulling this kind of stunt?? I know I have.

Wednesday September 18th: So there’s this racist down in South Carolina.  Does she understand that SC relies more on every other state to meet their own budgetary needs than any other??  Talk about Socialism.

Thursday September 19th:  Builders need permits to build things.  Trump supporters should remember that.

Friday September 20th:  First the Ohio Governor signed an anti-choice bill.  Then, two health care clinics in Ohio closed. You know there has to be a response.


Please be aware, as we discovered many times, that this is only a schedule and real events can happen.  This week, expect follow-ups and updates along the way.


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